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Health and safety doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you own a small business, a large corporation, or multiple sites across the UK, LCDMS can provide you with the exact level of support you need and help you apply sensible risk management.


LCDMS’s consultancy team will proactively help you manage the safety and health within your business. One of our advisors will undertake a detailed inspection of your premises, identifying any areas of non-compliance and potential hazards, and recommending appropriate control measures. From creating management systems (including fire safety), policies and procedures right up to specific risk assessments, or having our health and safety consultants acting as your competent person – we have the right level of support for your business.




You will undoubtedly already have health and safety policies and procedures in place. But can you be sure that you are adhering to best practice? Are you complying with local, national and even international regulations? And, if you think you are, can you prove it?


At LCDMS we work closely with all our clients to ensure their business and employees remain protected. Our health and safety advisors will review and tailor all your health and safety policies to ensure they meet your specific requirements.


One of our advisors will conduct a complete evaluation of your organisation. Once complete, you will also be provided with a detailed account of any health and safety risks identified. They will prioritise any areas of impeding risk, allowing you to improve your health and safety policies and helping ensure your organisation remains continually compliant, with a safe working environment for your employees.


Once your risk assessment has been completed, your advisor will produce a written health and safety policy statement. This is required by law and also demonstrates the preventative measures put in place to keep your business compliant.


Taking a proactive approach to your health and safety means that your company will become known as one which classes it as an integral part of the business.




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