CDM Advisor Services


Working under the Construction and Design Management Regulations 2015, the CDM Advisor is an integral part of either the site delivery team or the design team. As part of the design team we work closely with the Client ensuring that risks that can be affected by design are identified, effectively assessed and, where practicable, controlled. By appointing Lincoln CDM Services to this role we are there to advise and assist both you, the Client, as well as the Principal Designer to comply with all of your duties under the regulations, in particular to ensure that the health and safety of the project is properly managed and that competent Designers and Contractors are appointed.


As part of our role we:

  • Complete the initial F10 notification of the project on behalf of the Client
  • Attend design meetings and review Designers health and safety risk information
  • Complete on site pre contruction survey of the proposed works and produce the pre construction information
  • Amend F10 notification where appropriate
  • Review the Principal Contractors Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan
  • Attend the pre commencement meeting and any site meetings as required
  • Undertake periodic site inspections throughout the construction phase to assist the Client in complying with their duties
  • Compile the Health and Safety File to the agreed format 

Additionally we can, if required:

  • Carry out contractor appraisals
  • Assist with site set up activities
  • Carry out accident investigation
  • Attend meetings as your nominated construction safety advisor
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